The People's Imperial Party of Germanicus, also known as the Technolist Party, the Germanican Workers' Party, and simply the Party, is the ruling political party behind Germanican Empire's military dictatorship and advisors of Cornelius Augustus von Hamtinburg, who is the supreme leader of it. It consists of three branches, which includes the Outer Party (the media, the church, the education system, security, and the factory owners), the Inner Party,(the military, the Senate, the scientists, and the Royal Families), and the Chosen, the main leading branch of the Party (Fuhrer-Kaiser, the Chancellor, and those of military personal who are chosen into the party due to high intellect, charisma, and physical health). It controls the very aspects of civilian life as well as it serves as High Command for the military. The Party's main ideals are Technolism, Enviornmentalism, Industrialism, Nationalism, Imperialism, and Militarism.



Current Leaders


Conspiracy Theories


  • The People's Imperial Party was inspired by the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler, the Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin, Communist Party of China under Mao Zedong, and the Communist Party of Korea under Kim Jong Il.
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